These lists are reasonably complete, but we may have missed out a particular job name. We will be adding to this, so if you spot a particular area that’s missing, let us know via our Contact Form. If you have skills you think may be useful, then let us know in the notes on the Volunteer Form.

Bid Departments


  • PA to the Chair


Agent Liason

Coordinates with agents in other countries to represent the NZ in 2020 bid at other conventions.

  • Country Agents
  • USA
  • Australia
  • UK
  • Anywhere else

Pre-Supporting Memberships

Party Coordinator



Worldcon Departments

This list is reasonably complete, but we may have missed out a particular job name. If you have skills you think may be useful, then let us know in the notes on the Volunteer Form.

For more initial information about departments and jobs, go to Each convention can be a bit different, so the descriptions there are a good starting point, but not neccessarily the whole picture.

Chairs Division

  • Chairs/ Co-Chairs
  • Assistant to the Chair
  • Advisors

Guest Division

  • GoH Liaisons

    • Writer GoH Liaison
    • Artist GoH Liaison
    • Fan GoH Liaison
    • Media GoH Liaison

Membership Co-ordinater

Tourism Liaison



Web Site & IT

  • Web Design
  • Server Support
  • Web Content

WSFS Liaison


  • Tech Director
  • Tech Director Assistant
  • Area Heads
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Video
  • Computer Support

Hugo Award Administration

  • Hugo Losers Party Organiser
  • Hugo Reception

Hugo Ceremonies

  • Director
  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Technical Producer
  • Video Director
  • Green Room
  • Official Photographer


  • Director
  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Half-Time Entertainment
  • Technical Director
  • Video Director
  • Judges (presentation)
  • Judges (workmanship)
  • Judges Clerk
  • Green Room
  • Repair Table
  • Official Photographer
  • Fan Photo Manager

Opening/ Closing Ceremonies

  • Writers
  • Actors
  • Director
  • Technical Services Director
  • Stage Manager

Filk Concerts Organiser

Dances Organiser


Dealer’s Hall

  • On-Site Liaison
  • Dealer’s Administration
  • Displays

Exhibits Division Organiser

  • Sponsorship & Commercial Exhibits
  • Art Show Organiser
  • Set-Up Logistics
  • WSFS Exhibit
  • GoH Exhibits

Special Event or Exhibits

  • Media/Film Festival Organiser
  • Roman Display / Battle Organiser
  • Medieval Display / Battle Organiser
  • Cosplay Exhibit and Display Organiser

Hotel Liaison

Convention Centre Liaison

Party Maven

  • Party Coordination
  • Bid party organiser – allocate space and advise on resources for those who want to run parties to advertise their Worldcon bid.

Hospitality Division

  • Con Suite Deputy
  • Fan Space Organiser

Shipping & Storage

  • US Art Shipping
  • Other US Shipping
  • NZ Storage & Transport


  • On-Site Sign Printing

Programming Division

Programme Operations

  • Programme Ops Staff
  • Programme Database
  • Programme Scheduling
  • Programme Stream Leaders
    • Academia
    • Art
    • Children’s Activities
    • Comics
    • Costume & Cosplay
    • Exhibits
    • Filk/ Music
    • Film
    • Gaming
    • Literary
    • New Zealand
    • Science
    • Television/ Media
    • FanAc
    • Young Adult
    • LARPS

Green Room

  • Green Room Staff

Promotions Division

  • Kaffeeklatsches
  • Publishing Industry Liaison
  • Readings
  • Signings

Foreign Agents Liaison

Advertising Coordinator

Press Office

Social Media Liaison

  • Facebook
  • Twitter – Pre-con tweeter and organiser of tweetup at con and liaise with
  • programme organise for programme changes and updates.
  • Publications Division

Advertising Sales

  • International Advertising Sales

Publication Officer

  • Souvenir Book
  • Pocket Programme
  • Mobile Ap
  • Progress Reports
  • At-Con Newsletters
  • Editor
  • Staff
  • Local Resource Guide
  • Restaurant Guide
  • Hugo Awards Programme Book

Services Division

  • Pre-Con Information. Could be updating Facebook or tweeting.
  • First Responders – assess a problem and call for security if needed –should know CPR and basic first aid
  • Accessibility Services Liaison
  • Child Care Liaison – we will have a professional mob in for this but will still need someone to liaise with them.
  • Information Desk – The font of all wisdom. Where fans will come with questions
  • Quartermaster – You want it? We get it. Also will catalog and dole out stores.
  • Registration-for those that rock up on the day or those who have lost theirs, and to dole out conpacks.
  • Volunteers Organiser – In charge of gophers, with their team they take names and roster gophers.

Convention Operations

(Multiple shifts to cover all of the convention. Each shift is six hours for the Duty Manager, but the staff are fostered on for two.)

  • Con Ops Duty Mangers
  • Con Ops Staff – has been gophers in the past