Kia Ora!

Welcome to the New Zealand in 2020 website.

We are running a bid to bring the 78th World Science Fiction Convention, or Worldcon, to New Zealand in 2020. The site for 2020 will be selected by the members of the 2018 Worldcon, in San Jose.

What is Worldcon?

Worldcon is the World Science Fiction Convention. It is run entirely by volunteers and on a non-profit basis. It encompasses all aspects of science fiction and fantasy. And it's you, the members, who are invited to contribute your expertise and stories to the event.

What is the NZ in 2020 Bid?

We are bidding to hold the 78th Worldcon in Wellington, New Zealand. We are bidding for August 12th-16th 2020, in Wellington, New Zealand. We have facilities booked, and a city that is eager to have us.

Who is involved with the NZ in 2020 Bid?

Our bid committee consists of New Zealanders and experienced international fans. We are in the stages of preparing for the vote to be a Worldcon. This takes place in San Jose in 2018, at Worldcon 76. Our committee is preparing for the vote with fun events, but also the serious business of organisational structures and non-profit status.