We’re going to party in San Jose like it’s, um, 2029? 2018? 2020?

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Bring the Shire!  Bring the Feet!  Bring the Adventure!

There will be Second Breakfast. The Kiwi’s Beak will be open and serving your favourite New Zealand style Hobbit dessert fare. There will be spot the quote. There will be photo ops ….so get your Hobbit on in front of the Hobbit Hole and dream of taking the same photo actually in Hobbiton New Zealand!



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The Kiwi’s Beak is proud to present our unique take on Kwiz Night!

It has, let’s say, a more practical turn than the usual questions. To wit:
How many kiwis does it take to completely submerge a fan?
How many kiwis can you carry? How many kiwis can balance on your head— while limbo-ing? Ok, that may be a little silly …But…..who knows?
And Kiwi Trivia!
Kiwis to kuddle and win!
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World famous in our own lunchtimes! Stars both cosmic and talented!

The Kiwis Beak will fortify your loins and stiffen your sinews for an evening of filmed and performed entertainment. Including:
A very special performance by Mr N Cates and Mr M Pavletich Esquires, known as the pure brass of vaudeville, delivering up for your efficacious edification and entertainment their prominent party piece: The Green Eye of the Little Yellow God.
“Actually funny. I was surprised” – Roger Rabbit
“Put this on your bucket list. I did.” – General Custer
“Well call me Shirley, this stuff is SEROUSLY funny” – Dr Rumack